• Every Step of the Way3:38
  • Back Of A 734:08
  • 14 Miles From Home4:15
  • Where Did All The Cowboys Go3:17
  • I Know Mexico2:54

H.O.M.E. FESTIVAL is a 2 day Texas Country Concert Family Event to Honor our American Soldiers. This is the 1st Annual event and we would like everyone to come out and enjoy 20 Live Texas Country Artist. Along with stuff for the entire family. Relaxing and enjoying great entertainment, vendors , activities and much more. All while supporting a great cause and having a heck of a good time doing it. Come celebrate and salute the service and sacrifice of each soldier and give thanks to their family members who kept their HOME lights burning in support, awaiting their return. 

Let us all remember those soldiers, no matter alive or dead and hold them dear to our hearts. Keep their memories in our heads as they fight on foreign lands. Pray they make it back home because it is all up to Gods hands. Let us remember those soldiers and the hell they are going through. Praise them when they return home for all they have done for you and I. Pray for their families they leave behind, for each soldier is someones son, daughter , brother, sister, husband, wife, daddy or mommy. Before you go to sleep tonight say a prayer for those soldiers as they continue to fight for our rights and freedom. Let them know that we care but for the grace of God we might be the ones over there. Let us wish them all the best, may they all make it back home so we can all get some rest. Lets remember those soldiers even ones from wars of the past. Though some are dead and gone lets make sure their memories last. Let us remember those soldiers and not just count them as a loss, for they are truly the ones that paid the ultimate cost.  


Midland Horseshoe Arena


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